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If you have a 5-9 year old struggling reader or a neurodivergent learner and are ready for your easy-to-implement roadmap to success (where we do all the teaching!)...enroll in our Bootcamp today!

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Six weeks from now, looking back, a big grin on your face, and you realize you are experiencing...

✅ So much pride in your children

✅ You see joy & excitement on their faces because they know they are becoming readers!

✅ Momentum pushing your entire family towards success! You can finally feel it coming!

🎥Discover how this Bootcamp can completely change your child's reading, spelling & confidence in just six weeks by watching this video!!

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Our simple steps and huge library of on-demand tools & lessons make reading time wildly simple & fun!


Early skills, like letters and phonological awareness, can be the MOST fun skills to learn!


Your child is going to feel so much pride as they start reading words!


Now is when you are going to see confidence soaring as your child begins reading whole sentences.


Your child is growing more advanced skills and can read and write with more fluency!

How we will speed up your child's growth in just six weeks...

This Bootcamp is designed for parents and children to go through together so that you, as the grown-up, can have guidance on setting up an effective routine and what exactly to work on to help your children.


Step 1-

🏠Lay the Foundation!

-Onboarding into the program so you can hit the ground running when your kids finish the assessment.

-Find out your child's gaps in their early reading skills (phonological awareness, letters and phonics) so that we can assign your family the lessons they need to fill those gaps and speed up their growth.

-Your child will connect with Miss Buddy, their friendly reading pal & teacher, and begin to work intentionally on developing their growth mindset.


Step 2-

🥁Find your Rhythm!

-The momentum will get faster and smoother as the foundation becomes solid!

-We help you set up your family's simple & consistent routine so that reading time becomes just another part of the day for all of you.

-Your children will continue to work through their on-demand lessons & you can jump into any printable extension games & activities you would like!

We provide EVERYTHING you need to keep your kids engaged and moving forward!


Step 3-

🥳This is where the fun really starts!

-Once your rhythm is in place, you are going to really start noticing growth.

-Reading is now a part of your routine and if you've ever experienced fighting or battling with your kids over reading, that will likely be a thing of the past!

-Your child's confidence is going to start soaring and their skill levels with both reading and spelling are going to blow you away!

ASPIRE 6-Week Bootcamp! Great for the whole family!

Shift your kids from

"I can't read." to

"I love reading!"

Within the 6-week BootCamp, you will discover what skills to focus on to speed up your child's growth, get a simple routine put into place, and access our self-paced mini-lessons with guidance the entire way from our reading experts!

One Time Payment


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(If the BootCamp is not the right fit, you can cancel within 7 days! No risk, only reward!)

*BONUS-Lifetime Access to mini-courses included! Info below ⬇️

🎁 BONUS: Lifetime Access. Endless Fun!

Low-pressure learning is our favorite kind!

Check out these fun bonuses you get immediate access to as soon as you enroll, and you get to keep for as long as you need!

PS. These bonuses are worth more than the investment of the entire BootCamp! 🎉


Bonus videos, printables, games, audios and MORE that you can use anywhere and anytime!

Value ($99)


This bonus is great to help solidify your child's letter writing!

(Value $47)


Your kids will learn what the different syllable types are and how to use them to help read and write long words!

(Value $47)

We're here as long as your family needs!

😱Don't worry! We're not throwing you to the wolves after the BootCamp is complete!!

The goal of the BootCamp is to figure out exactly what your child needs, get your simple routine in place, and get the momentum going for their growth!

Your child may need more than six weeks to fill in all their gaps, depending on where they start.

Once you finish the BootCamp, we will invite you to go Beyond the Bootcamp and continue the learning if that is the right step for your family!

More details to come once you join the BootCamp!

🎉 We're Megan & Laura, former public school reading specialists, and the creators of the ASPIRE Bootcamp!

Our mission is to provide as many families as we can with a resource that is SO much more effective than an app and gives you SO much more freedom (& more affordable) than a tutor!

The goal of this bootcamp is to start to shift your child's mindset into gritty & resilient, figure out the exact gaps they have that we will target, put together your personalized roadmap to success to begin the journey to strong, confident reading! 💪


We've got A's for your Q's

Is this program just printable material that I have to go through with my child?

Nope!! I like to think of this program as a buffet! We have tons of resources, presented to your family in different ways, and you get to pick what works best for your family!

We have on-demand video lessons where we are doing all the teaching, we have printable extension activities and games, we use an interactive app called Videoask, and we also do live game nights and story times!

And if there's something your family needs more of, great news! We'll make it customized for your family!

How does the 7-day trial work?

You'll get instant access to everything, including your bonuses right away with no money down. If you decide this Bootcamp isn't quite the right fit, you can email us at hi@developingreadersacademy.com and let us know & you will not be charged the $149. We will immediately remove you from the trial.

If you do not let us know by day 7, you will automatically be charged the $149 and will continue on with the BootCamp!

What does a lesson look like?

Once your child goes through our assessment and we figure out what skills they need, we'll get your family into the lessons that are right for them.

Each lesson is made up of short 5-10 minute videos where Miss Buddy is teaching your child directly and they are following along and completing tasks with her.

Every lesson has the following mini-lessons included:

-Growth Mindset

-Phonological Awareness

-Review (Sounds, Writing, Words)

-Teach New Concept

-Write with the New Concept

-Read with the New Concept

-Write Sentences with the New Concept

-Play a Game with the New Concept


-Learn a New Vocabulary Word

-Read and Write Longer Words

If I cancel within the trial period, can I keep the lifetime access bonuses?

No. If you choose to leave within the trial period you will not retain access to the bonus mini-courses included in your offer.

How does the Bootcamp work if I have more than one child that I want to participate?

Great news! Your entire family can use the Bootcamp! So if you have more than one child who would benefit, they can all participate under one payment.

When can I get started?

Right away! As soon as you sign up you'll get access to your online portal which will house all the materials. You'll get your onboarding courses first and once you work through those you will get your children's lessons.  

What happens after the 6 weeks are over?

You have options! You can take what you've learned from the Bootcamp and continue to help your child on your own OR you can go beyond the Bootcamp and join our ASPIRE membership where you are continuing to get all the resources, tools and support that you get inside the Bootcamp.  


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